2018 The Year of Rejoicing!

In the coming year of 2018, The Lord has one great instruction to us: Rejoice!!

James 2 stressed on actions. Faith without works is dead he said; but what can be the greatest act of faith if we truly believe that The Lord and Saviour has conquered all? There was a time when I would think that it is to rest. Although resting in Christ is important and good for us; this time, The Lord is showing us a higher command and that is to Rejoice!

This is the very meaning of Jesus’ first miracle. When Jesus transformed water to wine, He was lifting the curse which Moses inflicted on the people. Moses, a representative of The Law, delivered a message of judgement to the world by turning water to blood and this resulted to death (Exodus 7). ¬†When Jesus Christ turned water to wine, He was replacing the Law with Grace and this resulted to life!

In this miracle, The Lord Jesus was telling us that it is time to celebrate! Rejoice! The Saviour is here!

This 2018, amidst all the negative reports, Paul revealed to us God’s will:

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4

We celebrate in faith, for deep in our hearts we know that the price for our salvation has been fully paid.

I say again, our task for 2018 as Christians, is to rejoice in Him!!!

A blessed blessed 2018, because Jesus Christ has conquered all!
Amen Amen!