A Blessed Dad


One of the greatest blessings a person can have in this life is to see one’s own son become righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Why is this so? 

This is because a son in Christ will invite more and more of the grace of Jesus to the household and draw innumerable blessings; both earthly and heavenly.  Can you imagine the joy and the peace of having a son who comes home for dinner every night so that he can talk to you about Jesus?  To have an obedient son with no insecurities because he has revelation of the love of The Most High?  A son who has Jesus in his heart will honor the parents and love them more and more as Jesus loved him.  Never again will the father worry about his righteous son, because he knows that the greatest Saviour of all is inside him.  It is no wonder why David told his son Solomon: “if your heart is wise, my own heart will rejoice!” (Proverbs 23:15)  So wise parents, sow in your children more and more about Jesus Christ and live to reap the harvest of blessings!

Children who are in Christ will not forget their parents, they shall delight in them more.


* Image taken from Google Images