Christian Counselling and Our Righteousness in Christ

People who come for counselling are already full of fear and guilt. Beaten down and battered from condemnation, they fall into depression and other ways of coping.

On the psycho-spiritual level, what is happening is that they THINK have lost their sense of righteousness to God and they now BELIEVE that they are in enmity with God. I purposely highlighted the words to emphasize that though it seems a spiritual process, thoughts and beliefs actually operate on the psychological level. I do want to stress to every Christian that regardless of what we think or feel about our Righteousness, that we remain righteous in Jesus Christ.

This is what happens when we no longer THINK we are righteous. A lot of psychological and emotional problems arise. People lose this firm foundation in them that have kept them secure and stable in God’s unwavering love. Now, they become vulnerable and defenseless; an easy pick for the enemy. For these feelings of fear and insecurity will lead to a myriad of debilitating psychological conditions. Ask yourself, what do fearful people do?

A major stage in Christian counselling is the establishment (or re-establishment) of the client’s  sense of righteousness in Christ. Having this attitude of righteousness will readily reinstate one’s self-esteem, giving in them optimism and hope that will empower them to carry on with life.

Client should feel closer to God after counselling. They should feel more accepted, more approved of by God. Christian counselling is not in the ministry of condemnation but rather in the ministry of edification. As a counselling client, if you feel lost, more confused, and judged by the counsellor, then your sense of righteousness to God has been torn down. This should not be the case.

The goal of Christian Counselling is to edify the spirit by changing one’s THINKING and BELIEFS to ones that is closer to The Truth: That through Jesus Christ, we are made righteous to our Father in Heaven.

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