Christmas is The Gift

Ever since we were kids, we have associated Christmas with gifts. This is a very good practice, as the idea of gifts is important in Christianity.

Good and effective Christian living rely much on how we see and understand gifts. And most people live a stressful life because they cannot fully trust (or understand) the nature of gifts, these include God’s gifts. It is one thing to know God’s gifts and promises but yet, we also need to understand what gifts are.

First and foremost, we have to trust that real gifts are given out of love, and not out of a test or deceit. When we receive gifts, it is always accompanied by an unspoken message of love and care from the giver. When we receive gifts from God, we receive His love.

Secondly, it is basic that we know that gifts, by definition, do not require payment. They are unearned and unpaid. It is even an insult to attempt to pay for a gift.  For it’s an attempt to take away the glory of the person giving it. It is The Lord’s pleasure to give us all things. He never commanded us to pay for it, He only taught us how to receive it and that is through believing. Believe that He came down to save us.

In The Parable of the Talents, we see man burying away God’s given gifts.

Third, we have to receive the gift and open it. People today just keep on complaining that they are not receiving anything from God. They are not aware that stashed in one corner of their lives are the stagnant gifts that God has handed them, and they all remain closed! Love and opportunities are all around our lives and yet we choose to complain and blame God. My advice to people is: open God’s gifts in your life!

This Christmas Eve, we once again remind ourselves of this greatest gift which the universe has received: Jesus Christ.  This is The Gift. And like all other gifts, we receive God’s love freely, knowing that it cost Him everything to give up His Son.

Like all other gifts, we acknowledge that there is no way we can deserve this gift and that there is no way we can pay for it.

So, like all other gifts, all we can do is say: Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!

A Merry Christmas to all!

The Saviour is born!!!