God’s Glory

19 The heavens declare the glory of God” –Psalms 19:1

Well, I’m back from my God given vacation from Boracay Island, Philippines.  I was fortunate enough to visit the beach paradise at a time when there’s no moon present.  I do love staring at the moon but then again, no moon means having a clearer view of the stars.  I was walking along the beach shore at night when the splendor of the night sky drew me to just look up and behold the creation of our Father.  At that time, it felt as if the heavens literally invited me to worship The Son in one voice with them.  The verse which I so much love ran over and over in my mind: “The heavens declare His glory!”  At that point of worship, it’s a no brainer asking who or what God’s glory is?  All the cells in my body were already worshipping the One who created and died for us all – Jesus Christ.

Basking in the presence of our LORD, God wasn’t satisfied telling me He loves His dear Son, His source of pride, joy and glory.  Father God continued on to boast in pride of His Son, leading me to another verse:

“The heavens declare HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all the people see HIS GLORY.” –Psalm 97:6

The stars in the night sky don’t just declare God’s love for His Son, the stars themselves declare how Jesus Christ came down from heaven and went up the cross to righteously save us from our sins!  No wonder Abraham rejoiced (John 8:56) when he was counting the stars; he saw God’s Salvation!  Abraham saw Jesus Christ!

Seeing the story of Salvation in the stars is a whole discussion and topic in itself.  I pray that I’ll have the time to share it with everyone.  For now, I take back with me what God has taught me that everything in creation speaks of God’s Salvation.  Now I wonder, what can the sand tell me about Jesus Christ?  What about the rocks and the fishes?  How about the rainy weather in Singapore or the bloodied steak I’m eating?  I’m sure even for you, dear reader, verses in your head are already popping out.  Everything is crying out: “Glory! Glory to Christ Jesus!”


* Image taken from a mobile app