Online Spiritual Hitchhiking

Hand of hiker man at rural mountain road. Daybreak.

Hitchhiking is nothing more than tagging along with someone who is going the same way as you.  In American culture, it’s where bored inter-state truck drivers accommodate people walking along the road (known as the hitchhiker) to ride the long drive with them.  This arrangement actually has benefits for both parties; the truck driver gets company (someone to keep them awake during the long boring drive) while the hitchhiker gets a free ride to the next stop.


Spiritual hitchhiking works in a similar manner.  It’s the same as the world’s concept of ‘tagging along’ with the truckers, only this time, we tag along with another’s spiritual blessings. Spiritual hitchhiking can take the form of STANDING IN AGREEMENT with our fellow brothers and sisters or it can take the form of CLAIMING prayers and spoken prophecies.

I’ll give you an example.  If you hang around with the beloved ones of Jesus Christ, you wouldn’t miss a chance of hearing them prophecy or speak blessings either to their own lives or to the lives of others.  They will speak out truths like: “Jesus loves you!” or “Blessings are on your way in Jesus’ name!” Now, when these instances come to pass it will be like you walking in a long road and a truck with a lonely driver is about to pass by.  So what do you do? Well, the wisest thing anyone can do is to grab this opportunity and start HITCHHIKING! What are you waiting for? Agree and claim the free blessings and prophecies!  When someone prophesies saying: “It’s raining dew from heaven” or “Shalom to you!” Claim them all by saying “I receive it in Jesus’ name!” or by simply saying “Amen!”

Like the physical world’s hitchhiking, spiritual hitchhiking also benefits ALL  the parties involved: the Trucker (the one declaring truths), the Hitchhiker (the one tagging along the blessings) and The Lord Jesus Christ (The One blessing).  The Lord Jesus Christ said it Himself:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20).


Jesus is telling us that the prayer of two people standing in agreement is a lot more powerful than the prayer of one person.  So for spiritual hitchhiking, the Trucker benefits from a more anointed prayer, the spiritual hitchhiker gets a powerful free ride to the blessings, and the Lord Who loves blessing everyone is magnified and glorified as His word is confirmed.  

Very simple eh? Yes, everything becomes too simple when Christ is in your life.  So next time you come across Truck Drivers blessing, praying and prophesying in the Internet, like say in sites like Face Book or in anointed sites like, don’t just sit there and read. CLAIM your blessings in Jesus’ name (click ‘like’, ‘pray’, or just say ‘amen’ in your heart!) and start your very own habit of Online Spiritual Hitchhiking and see all the benefits that The Lord has been planning for you.

All the blessings have been paid for by Jesus’ blood.  The benefits are all for you to gain!

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Looking forward to taking life’s long ride with you and our Lord Jesus Christ!


* Image taken from Google Images [Edited]