Prayers Work!


When distressed, science has come up with several psychological tools and techniques that are designed to help us.  Relaxation and breathing techniques, visualization exercises, even active coping strategies such as improving one’s problem-solving skills and assertiveness training were produced by well meaning researchers.

All these tools are good but I wouldn’t say that all of them are beneficial and effective;  for it is not seldom that these so-called tools are overwhelmed by our everyday problems and placed to no use. The result? A growing statistic of mental distress and abnormal behaviors in society.


The Bible clearly shows us that man’s ways are powerless against the world.  And this is why the Word keeps on reiterating for us to trust not on the flesh! (Phil 3:3, Jer 17:5, Ps 44:6)  Man’s intentions and effort are useless; we have seen throughout Bible history and even on first hand experiences.

However, we created beings are so blessed that our Creator loves us so much that He did not just create us and abandoned us in this world so He can have some form of entertainment in Heaven.  Our Heavenly Father preserved His wisdom and promises in The Bible.

The Bible teaches us everything about life in earth and in heaven; and within that, The Bible teaches us how to handle our life’s stresses and challenges without resorting to the inferior ways of the world.  So straight from the word of God, let us explore how the heroes of history conquered their troubles and see what we can learn from them.

Moses (Exodus 14)

Moses, when being pursued by the Egyptian army, called on to The Lord and declared His glory.  The Lord, then parted the sea for Moses and the Israelites to pass safely.

David (Psalm 141)

David, being a famous figure in his time had a lot of enemies inside and outside his camp.  There is nothing new, when you read of David’s story (including the Psalms), to see him crying or calling out to The Lord.

O LORD, The God who saves me, day and night I cry out before you! -Psalm 88


Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20)

Jehoshaphat, another great king of Judah, when surrounded by his enemies, he had no other plans in mind but to cry to the Lord for help.

Paul and Peter (Acts 12)

These guys are good examples found in the New Testament.  Both of these great apostles were imprisoned and all that was left of them to do was to pray to God.  (Acts 16 & Acts 12)

I just love running down these examples, there are hundreds more in the Bible and it is our glory to search them all out.  Even The Lord Christ Himself called on to His Father several times.  So, coming back to the topic, the first thing all the heroes had in common is that all of them were placed in dire circumstances (most, if not all, faced the prospect of death).  Second and more important trend you will see is how they all handled their problems by running to God.  ALL OF THESE HEROES BECAME HEROES BECAUSE THEY SOUGHT THE LORD.

Running to The Lord is a great exercise of faith because it is no different from saying to God: “Lord, I alone cannot save myself.  You alone can!”  And once we start having this revelation and stop exercising our ‘intelligence’, we place more faith in The Lord’s goodness and less on the nonsense tools and methods the world has to offer.  The Lord then sends His word into action to help us in our situation.

“If you ask anything in My name, I WILL DO IT.” -John 14:14

I was once distressed because of my unfounded fears and worries in my counselling profession. It is then when I asked the Lord: “Lord, why is it that a lot of our brothers and sisters, who are washed in Your blood, are still suffering?”  And His gentle soothing presence answered me:

“up to now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy will be made full.” -John 16:24

Then and there it was shown to me, that we are not coping well in this life because our self-effort and pride keeps us from asking His wisdom and help.  If only we ask of Him, He will do it! I am no fool, after this revelation, whatever it is that comes my way, I ASK THE LORD!

For any problem small or big – ASK THE LORD!

From small insect bites to cancer – ASK THE LORD!

From petty arguments to pending divorces – ASK THE LORD!

If He saved Moses, David, and all the Old Testament patriarchs who were washed by the blood of bulls and goats, how much more will He save you and me who are washed by the blood of His very own beloved Son, The Lord Jesus Christ!

My friend, through Christ, you are the blood bought child of The Most High God.

Your prayers have more juice than you think. (James 5:16)


Glory to The Son, Jesus Christ!


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