Snowball Blessings

Snow ball slides downhill and speeds up.Blessings are cultivated

A blessing opens doors to more blessings.  It doesn’t just end with one answered prayer.  When The Lord sets you up with a  big project, rest assured that is only the beginning and this will be your open doorway to bigger and greater blessings.

Much like Solomon’s blessing of wisdom didn’t really just end there.  Most people forget that Solomon, the king who had everything, only prayed for one thing: wisdom.  This blessing of wisdom led to his riches, and these blessings of riches led to glory and honour.  These led his neighbors and even his enemies to fear and respect Solomon in such a way that Israel finally lived an era of peace.  All these further snowballed to his 700 wives (a blessing?) and to his reign of becoming the greatest kingdom the world has seen and will see.

Solomon ShebaEven kings and queens pay homage to the great king Solomon

 These blessings led to his successors and finally to the birth of his greatest ‘son’, The Lord Jesus Christ.  It all started from one prayer which led to one blessing after another.

When this reality is true for Solomon who never had The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, how much more would this apply to us post-cross people of The Kingdom?  Through Jesus Christ, we have their spiritual weight and more!

 Lesson: Keep your eyes open!  For a blessing to be a blessing we should first be aware of them so we can grab them and not let it go!

The sad thing here is I encounter a lot of people who were showered with blessings and opportunities but they were too busy or too fearful to recognize them.  They end up seeing them as trials and temptations; worse off is that they respond to God’s blessings with excuses.

Tiny SnowballTake it by faith! Keep it rolling!

 So pray for that snowball, that one tiny blessing in your life, and nourish it!  See how it grows from other blessings it attracts.  Remember that each blessing never ends as a tiny snowball, it will lead to more and greater opportunities.

So pray on, keep watch, and let the ball roll!