Spiritual Greed and Faith

“Oh you of little faith!”

Oh you of little faith

No verse in the Gospels shows The Lord Jesus’ frustrations as when He is scolding His disciples saying: “Oh you of little faith!”
At first, The Lord Jesus said this to the people who spent their time worrying about the future and their provisions (Matthew 6:30)

Another time Jesus expressed this is for the entire group of Apostles, who at that time were fearful of the storm and the waves that they had to wake Jesus up from His sleep. (Matthew 8:26)

Finally, Jesus used this directly on Peter who while walking on water doubted Jesus Christ, then so he sank. (Matthew 6:30)

As you can see, everyone worries about everyday needs. Our clothes, our shelter, and our food. Jesus is telling the people that He has got this covered – He is going to supply for us. In the second instance, The Lord was settling our doubts on psychological stress and challenges. Once again, The Lord comforted the Apostles saying that He has got these covered – He is here and He will never leave us nor forsake us. Finally, in the realm of the spirit and miracles, Jesus Christ is telling us all that if we really believe Him, that we can walk on top of all our problems and worries.

Oh you of little faith! Jesus is asking us, if you needed more, why didn’t you ask for more? Isn’t it you don’t believe that God will provide for you?

Jesus is almost telling us to be spiritually greedy and to keep on asking God for blessings because we know that God is good! Anything less than that would be an insult to His goodness.

So when was the last time you really asked God for something? Well, my advice for you is to ask for more! God already said that we, being fallen creatures, know how to give to our children, how much more for our Father in Heaven? Are we to say that we are better fathers than God?

Father Kissing Newborn

What is spiritual greed?

Spiritual Greed (my definition) is when one exercises his/her faith by believing that God is bigger than all our needs and that God is more than willing to satisfy all our needs. We unleash this faith by asking God directly without fear, without shame, and without doubt.

Do you need healing for a disease? Ask God!!!

Do you need provisions for your debts? Ask God!!!

Do you need a miracle of peace in your family and in your mind? Ask God!!!

Only the fearful and the doubters keep God away from their problems. They believe that they can solve their problems on their own; or worse, they believe that God is exasperated or too tired to help them. All these crazy beliefs are contrary to what Jesus is! Jesus’ style is to include Him in everything we do. So as early as now, unleash the faith that has been brewing inside you and start asking God for your needs!

The greatest expression of faith is by asking God! Ask and you shall receive!