Teach them: JESUS!


“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

God ordained fathers to lead their children to Jesus Christ.  This is the reason why God created the father to be the most influential person in the child’s life.  The father is so big and the son is so small that whatever the father says comes as a booming powerful sound of authority in the child’s vulnerable and tiny minds.

The father can teach them self-reliance, the father can teach them self-esteem, and the father can teach them about economics and how to work for their rewards.  All of those are good training but the commandment of God is still what benefits us the most:  The greatest ‘training’ a father can give his son is the knowledge and revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Parents nowadays drive their children to unhealthy perfectionism (which usually leads to rebelliousness).  They drive their children to top the math class, to top languages, to top science; it may be good parenting in our society’s eyes but the Bible says: “Do not exasperate your children.”  Do not give them any reason to think that God is a slave driver who demands perfection in our works.  As children are designed to be what they are – children, they are not born to be mathematical money making machines or information processing androids.  So father’s day or not, give to your children what they have been longing for since their creation!  Point them to the cross and tell them how The Son of God came down from heaven to die for our sins.  Tell them how Jesus Christ laid down His life so that we may live!

This is what our children need, they need a Saviour – Their body, mind, and spirit thirst for Him.  Bring Jesus in their lives and see all the other blessings manifest in their lives and yours (Matthew 6:33).  A Happy Father’s Day to all!


* Image taken from Google Images