Unlocking Your Miracles This 2013


It is said that a thousand years for man is but a day for God.  This verse is useful in many ways, it has been applied in Bible prophecy, in getting a clue on the time frame in which God works, and for this time, we will see how this verse is applied in God’s miracles.  The very miracles that you will see unleashed in 2013.

God has plans for everything, and all these plans were set even before creation.  All of His plans are good and perfect; and it only takes man (and his so-called affinity to do things in his own way) to mess things up.  A thousand years for man is but a day for God. So, when God plans for something, the will stemming from His infinite love and wisdom will take this fallen fleshly world days, weeks, and even years to catch up.  It will take man a long time to execute it (if there is no faith) and it may even take forever for man to understand it.

I’m in my 30’s now, and it is only in this point of my life where I begin understanding why God allowed (or disallowed) certain things to happen in my life over a decade ago.  There were times in my younger days where I grew up frustrated and even angry at The Lord; but as I look back now, I cannot help but fall on my knees and just tell Him: “thank You, Jesus!!”

“Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.”

-2 Timothy 1:9


So, I consider my 2012 a good year.  It wasn’t the best but it was good.  A lot of people may see 2012 in a lesser light: a loser year, a year of trials, a year of failure.  In the essence of all creation, despite all these interpretations and visual experiences, God still has a plan for you and me.  For now and forever, He still is honoring this great plan.  By the grace of The Holy Spirit, it is just a matter of time that we understand why certain things had to happen, or why some things were delayed.  Our flesh is simply that dull and that slow.  

God’s ways are very simple, if we are to simply trust Him and take His word for it.  It takes man and his gray matter to complicate things and render everything pointless (Do you really think they will discover anything worth discovering from the Large Hadron Collider?).  It is man’s illusory intelligence that drove a brain like Stephen Hawking’s to distance himself from the very thought of a Creator God.  Can you imagine that? An ultimately important truth so simple that a 3-year-old child can readily accept cannot be grasped by one of the world’s ‘greatest’ minds? Again, I repeat, a thousand years for man is but a day for God.

This reminds me of several stories in the Bible of ‘smart’ people who can’t get any miracle from Jesus.  We have the Pharisees who always thought that they were better than Christ, the Sadducees who thought they were smarter, and of course, we have idiotic kings thought they were greater.  Let me point out that these ‘qualified’ people never got any miracle from The Christ.  In fact, the only thing they got from Jesus were strong sermons about their hypocrisy and ignorance.  

We homosapiens, who claim to be the highest life form, need to understand and explain everything (yes, even how the universe was created).  The problem here is that this is not God’s way.  God’s way is a way of complete faith and trust in Him, such that when there is food prepared on the table, all we have to do is eat.  We don’t have to know if the vegetables are organic, if the sharks were slaughtered humanely (duh), or if olive oil was used to fry the fish.  Just eat and enjoy says The Lord.  

Don’t take my word for it, I would that you check it out yourselves in The Bible.  All of Jesus Christ’s miracles came alive in people who had complete trust in Him.  When The Christ told Peter to lay the fishing nets on the other side of the boat, Peter did exactly that.  When The Christ told the blind to wash their eyes, they simply washed their eyes.  When The Christ told the cripples to just stretch forth their hands or to just pick up their mats and walk, they simply did. And all of them got their miracles!

There is no need to complain and compare, do not try to analyze or understand things because our so-called brains will just delay God’s perfect plan.  As what Mary said to the servants who actually saw the water turned to wine:

“Do whatever He tells you” -John 2:5


In this 2013, we receive all the miracles that The Lord Jesus Christ has prepared for us.  We don’t have to understand them, we don’t have to analyze them.  We receive them the way a child receives gifts from Christmas – without suspicion, without doubt, without delay.  All we have to do is enjoy His love and say: Thank You, Jesus!

Grace Counselling Centre declares a great 2013 to all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.



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