The Benefits of Meditation: A Christian Guide

I was skimming through my readings when I came across yet another interesting article about meditation.  It was an article from HUFFPOST entitled: The Daily Habit of These Outrageously Successful People and it all points out to one thing: Meditation.

The world’s way of meditation.

It is true, meditation is beneficial for our psyche.  It calms us down, it lowers stress levels, it clears the mind, and it is even shown to be beneficial to our physical health.  Well, what really is meditation?  Let us not forget that everything good is found in God’s Word – The Bible; and once again, all these worldy practices are mere perversions or what I would call “rip-offs” of what our heavenly Father has planned for us.  The world just have this tendency to take what is God made, holy and true, and pervert it to the its ways to give the credit and glory to man.

So what does the Bible have to say about meditation?

For starters, I would like to introduce The Book of Psalms as the book of meditation; much like the Book of Proverbs is known to be the book of wisdom.  Within this book lies everything we need to know about meditation – God’s way.

As far as my understanding goes, meditation is spending time digesting the word of God.  It is time set aside to fade out our worldy worries and realign ourselves to the truths of God’s word.

Here are some guidelines on what to meditate on:

I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.
-Psalm 77:12

We can spend our quiet times thinking about how powerful God is, how He has Created and universe which, even to this day, man has failed to comprehend.  Why should we even worry when the Man who loves us is also The Almighty?

I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.
-Psalm 119:15

Besides pondering on the supremacy of The Almighty, we can also spend our time asking Him for more revelation about His Holiness and His Righteousness.  How He dealt with man’s sin and how for given we all are through the cross of Jesus Christ.

My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises.
-Psalm 119:148

One of my favorite theme to meditate on is on God’s promises.  Take your pick, you can ponder on His covenants from His promises to Abraham to Isaac to Jacab, you can claim the promises The LORD made to David.  The promises of Deuteronomy 6 and the promises of Psalm 91 are all ours for the taking! We just have to be conscious of them.

I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.
-Psalm 143:5

And what has The Lord done for us?  That long before we repented, long before we became His children, at the peak of our sinful nature, The Lord Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.

All these truths are revealed to God’s children. You and me, and we have to keep chewing on them less the worries of this world overtake us.  Do this everyday and you will be prosperous and successful.

The Lord Jesus spent tons of His quiet time talking to His Father.

This secret is actually no secret.  The key to meditation is found right at the first chapter of the book of meditation:

Those who delight in the law of the LORD,
Those who meditate on it day and night.
They are like trees planted along the riverbank,
bearing fruit each seson.
Their leaves never wither,
and they prosper in ALL they do.
-Psalm 1:2-3 (Paraphrased)


So is meditation beneficial? I give out a straight ‘yes’.  But we don’t just meditate through the world’s ways.  We meditate in the way God indended meditation to be: and that is focusing on the love, the grace, the righteousness of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.