The World Lives Because of Christmas Day

We have a knack of seeing Jesus as God, and that is good because it is true. But on the other hand, we also should not neglect the fact that He is also fully Man.
Jesus Carpenter

The trouble with seeing Him only as God is that we tend to lose our fellowship with Him; seeing that He is all high and mighty up there and we are the estranged creatures down here. We, therefore, develop these beliefs that we cannot comprehend Him, that we cannot reach Him, and that we are unworthy of Him.

Knowing Jesus as Man is a very important revelation. With it lies His qualification to be our High Priest, His qualification to be The Lamb of God, His qualification to declare that among all creation He was the one tempted the most and yet He was the only one who stood victorious over sin and death.

This is what Christmas is all about. It’s about us remembering that God, the all Almighty, the Alpha and The Omega, came down to earth as a lowly carpenter when He is in fact, The King.  That The King looked down to earth and saw His people drowning in sin and death and He decided: that the only way to save us was for Him to come down and to die in our place.

Christmas Tree Cross
Christmas is all about remembering that amidst all our troubles and worries that there IS a Man who literally understands you.  That 2000 years ago, God came down as a Man and gave up His heavenly glory to be crucified as the worst criminal in the world so that you and I can be sinless towards God.

This Man’s name is Jesus Christ and in this season, we remember what He has given up in order for us to be saved.  We remember the day when Hope has entered the world because of the love and the grace of The Savour.

We remember that today, the world lives because of CHRISTmas Day.
A Blessed CHRISTmas to all!!!