Why Would God Expose us to Temptation?

As children, why did our parents send us to school?
Was it so that they can watch us fail in the exams?

What are the dangers of giving an untrained child charge over a multi-million dollar company?
What do you think will happen?

We are here in this life to train to be the rulers of God’s creation (Genesis 1:28).  We were once created to be but we failed on the account of one fruit. Do you have any idea what will happen had God given us the Fruit of Life right after the fall?

Don’t you know that you will be judging angels? Asked Paul (1 Corinthians 6:3).

The question now is: are we currently worthy to rule in His stead?  God has to be sure that we are up to the task before we partake of the Fruit of Life which will make us live forever.  We are here to be molded and tested for His purpose. We should have realized, since Adam and Eve, that none of us are qualified to handle this calling. No way could we ever pass the standards of God Most High. Because of our failure, The LORD had to keep the Fruit of Life away from us, until we are made ready (Genesis 3:21).

We could learn one thing from temptations:

No one is worthy. Not without the grace of His Son.

We were destined to be rulers and partakers of God’s great creation but we have to be tried by fire first (1 Peter 1:7); lest we rule as untested children, bringing our own pride in the picture, and lead creation to another collapse. Remember the child who tried running the multi-million dollar company?  Our forefathers failed. No one passed God’s test save One Man.

When all of us failed, Jesus went directly to the desert for one purpose: to be tempted of the devil.
When everyone in the world was complaining on why the snake was in The Garden, God Himself showed us how to handle it.

Though the glory was His and His alone, His grace placed all who would believe inside of Him. Allowing us not just to partake of the fruit of life, but to be one with Life Himself. Only by accepting this can we be ready. Only by accepting Him can we partake of Life.  This was the truth revealed to us in The Garden. For how can we be rulers of God’s creation, when a single fruit can tempt us to our deaths and destruction?

God did not expose us to temptations so we would fail.

Temptations are here so that we could learn to call on Jesus Christ.

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