Fix Your Eyes on Jesus


Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?

      Why are you crying the blues? 

   Fix my eyes on God—

      soon I’ll be praising again.

   He puts a smile on my face.

      He’s my God.

Psalm 42:5 (The Message)

Do you recall the time where you are at the lowest?  Times when you thought everything was against you and those things will never get better?  Each of us has our own ‘weak spots.’  Some are rattled out because of health reasons; some are stressed from finances, while others are shaken about their relationships and work.  None of us can really be in perfect peace like our Lord Jesus Christ was.

We feel rattled and worried from time to time because there are instances when the world wins our attention over and we shift our focus on our surroundings and on ourselves.  When this happens, we go through what the apostle Peter experienced: we start sinking and we begin worrying about drowning (Matthew 14:29).  This is also the same reason why most of us feel “down in the dumps.”  We focus too much on ourselves and our circumstances that we forget that we have the Greatest Hope standing right in front of us.  Like Peter, instead of setting our eyes on The Lord Jesus Christ, we pay more attention to the roaring seas and waves.  The result of this is that we start fearing and worrying about ‘drowning’ (which of course, will never happen because Jesus is standing right there!).

Peter set his eyes on the waves instead of looking to Jesus; then he began to sink.

Why worry about what you’re going to eat tomorrow when even animals are taken care of by The Lord?  Aren’t you worth more than these animals?  Why worry about the winds and the waves when you are already walking on water?  Why focus too much on ourselves and our infirmities when Jesus Christ is here right within us?

We are today living in worry and fear because we either don’t know or we are at least distracted by the world of what Jesus has already done for us on the cross.  The Lord has one reminder for us this week and this is to fix our eyes on Him!  Fix your eyes on Jesus and know the true blessings that He died to give us.  Are you worrying about a problem now?  Then it’s time you stop looking at the waves and fix your eyes on Jesus!

Fix your eyes on Jesus’ finished work and know the true blessings that He died to give you.  When your eyes are on Him, the winds and the waves won’t matter because you’ll be walking on water.


* Image taken from Google Images