Grace for Grace


I once ate at this sports club where the waiter (whom I refer to as ‘uncle’) there served me fish when in fact I ordered chicken.  This uncle, after apologizing, did something waiters should be trained never to do:  he asked me if I can just eat the fish.  The request actually stunned me to confusion that at that point in time I didn’t know whether I should be angry or be humored and just treat his request as a joke.

You see, I can actually have righteously said “No” and give him a piece of my mind saying: “I came to this restaurant because I wanted your grilled chicken, now because of your carelessness I have to eat fish?!”  But doing so would give this poor guy a hard time in re-cooking and explaining to his boss why there’s an extra plate of fish that’s not paid for.

I’m not usually a confrontational dude and in that afternoon I just felt something peaceful inside me that made me think that having battered fish with chilli sauce for lunch isn’t a bad idea after all.  Looking at the served fish, I actually felt excited on what I’ll be having for lunch.  So, I “graciously” accepted his request.  After saying “ok, no problem”, the uncle’s apologetic face lit up to a smile coupled with the most genuine yet most simple “thank you huh” I’ve heard in my life.

After that incident, I don’t think the uncle ever forgot who I am.  Because every time I go back there, I always get the best service from him and I get the biggest portions of any food I order (he got all my orders correct too).  As a waiter, this uncle serves me happily not just because he has too.  He serves me and my table happily because he wants me to be happy.

This is what the grace of Jesus Christ does; it brings out love in man. (Luke 19:8)

The Law of Moses cannot bring out love in man; all it can do is bring fear and condemnation (and later hate).  In order to love one another, we need the grace of Jesus Christ.  Like this uncle, we respond to the grace of Jesus Christ by loving others more and more (John 13:34-35).  God’s grace doesn’t lead people to abuse and sin anymore than the grace the uncle received made him slack in his work and treat me as a push over.  Now, I come back to his eatery again and again; and when opportunity allows I even take my friends there.  I’m happy with the service and the food, he on the other hand, is happy with his business.  Grace is responded to by Grace.

Grace is The Wisdom of Our God

What He didn’t have to do, He did. (Die on the cross)

What He has the right to do, He did not. (Condemn us)

The Loving Grace of Jesus Christ brings out the best in us that:

We who deserved to die, ended up having eternal life

So that we, instead of sinning, get to love one another.