Overspiritualizing Things

In the midst of his normal routine of work, Jeffrey suddenly felt fever rising in his system. This is unusual as he rarely gets sick.  Jeffrey didn’t tell anyone at that time as he continued on his work; he didn’t rest and he didn’t bother taking any medications.  When the fever got worse, Jeffrey decided to pull out his spiritual rank as a child of the most high God through Jesus Christ and fervently prayed for healing. The fever only got worse and by the time he was rushed to the hospital, his appendix have already burst.
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The Devil and The World

In Christian Counselling, we deal a lot about truths with our clients; this usually takes the form of Biblical doctrines.  One discussion which shocks a lot of people (and it may shock you too) is the truth that the world today is ruled by The Devil.  

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The Christian Warfare

We are part of a war between good and evil.  Ever since the beginning, man has been expressing stories about this conflict.  Perhaps they are not far from the truth?

From the movie Lord of the Rings: Forces of good fighting the forces of evil

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What is a loving God supposed to do?

In The Garden, God was looking at both Adam and Eve, the federal heads of His highest creation, reaching out to the Tree of Good and Evil to consume its forbidden fruit.  God has explicitly commanded them not to do this, yet the two creatures had the audacity to go against the will of The Almighty God.  It didn’t matter what their motives were: was it to become Gods themselves? Were they hurt thinking that God was holding out on them?  It doesn’t matter, “do not eat of the tree” means do not eat of the tree.  There will be much trouble should they partake of this, for every transgression has to be dealt with accordingly, severely.  For every sin should be paid for by blood.  The Holy God and His Holy Law demands no less.
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Rumination: A God who watches us struggle

God loves you. God has a wonderful plan for you, a plan to prosper you and never to harm you.

We hear that (from Jer 29:11) often. We even pray and claim this promise often.

But if God’s plan is to prosper us, why are we still miserable? Why are we still struggling? Why do we still feel crappy and pointless at times?

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Not Everything will Go as Planned and It is OK

We take time to carefully plan things because we believe that our personal notion of order is what’s best for us.  We plan things by the minute to make everything as organized and as predictable as possible so as to minimize the element of surprise.
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Circuit Breaker Measures: Migrating to Online Services

On 3 April 2020, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long announced the activation of The Circuit Breaker Measures as an adaptive response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  It is the elevation of the nation’s coping measures in curbing further transmissions of COVID-19 which is planned to run from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020.

How do we plan to handle it here at Grace Counselling Centre?

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Meditating on God’s Power to Conquer Anxiety

Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great;
thou art clothed with honour and majesty.
Psalms 104:1

Anxious people feel exposed to danger and punishment.  Love alone is not enough to overcome this. For someone willing to fight for you and protect you doesn’t necessarily mean that they can.  We need a protector who is not just willing but someone who is also capable of doing so.

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Tired Stressed & Burntout for you don’t know what?

When it comes to assertion, people today have no problem standing up for their physical boundaries (especially during these days of social distancing).

However, more and more people are coming for Christian Counselling to deal with issues that are connected to feeling down and angry, stressed and fatigued for no apparent reason.

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Faith is Knowing Him

Wisdom is seeing things through God’s eyes.

In times of hardships and trials, people would project their humanity to God and think that God is enjoying man’s sufferings. That shows zero wisdom at all. That shows zero knowledge about God and without knowledge, how can there be faith?

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