Grieving for Change

Counselling, whether it is in the secular or Christian Counselling framework, is all about change. To be precise, it is about changing from within.  We do not wait for the holidays to come in order for us to rest and we don’t have to rely for that great relationship to materialize in order for us to be happy.
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Professional Development vs. Personal Development

My write outs will often have a lot of my own journey and experiences. I am writing in hope that you may identify with some of these and know that you are not alone. No two journeys are alike as we each have our own lessons in life.  Should you ever need someone to hear you out, make sense of what is going on, or just walk with you a mile or two or more, we at Grace Counselling Centre, are here for you and we care.

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Should I Quit My Job?

This question has been popping up a lot these days. A lot of people are burnt out in their jobs, possibly because of the heavy work load or from the unnecessary stress brought about by their bosses.  As physical as these stressors are, these challenges are usually ignored by the people until they start magnifying the psychological stress that finally pushes the person to begin pondering on the question: “should I leave my job?”
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What about Resting in Christ?

This is to continue on from the article on work (Is Hard Work Against Grace? 18 June 2019) where we have shown that work is not sin, that working for a living is not wrong.  On the other hand, there is truth behind the restful increase. That life isn’t about grinding and hustling.

It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night,
anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.
Psalm 127:2 NLT
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How to Forgive

People agree on the power and benefits of forgiving others and themselves. The question which they face is how?  A lot of people and friends I encounter in Christian Counselling share the same sentiment.  “I thought I have forgiven but I realize that I am still angry. Have I really forgiven the person?”

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Hypnosis Visions Meditations in Christian Counselling

A lot of clients curious about Christian Counselling wonder if we, as Christian practitioners, use the counselling methods that involve altering one’s state of consciousness. By this we mean the utilization of psychological methods pertaining to meditations, visualizations, and even hypnosis and dream interpretation.  “Aren’t these occultic practices?” They ask. Aren’t these pagan practices that therefore shouldn’t be used in Christian circles?  I have to be frank that I do come across Christians who freak out every time I talk about these practices.
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Counselling Out of Our Comfort Zones

The hamster wakes up sips its water and jumps in its wheel. It runs and runs as the wheel spins and spins. It does this until it’s dead tired or right when it starts asking the question: why am I doing this? What have I been doing this for?

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