Tired Stressed & Burntout for you don’t know what?

When it comes to assertion, people today have no problem standing up for their physical boundaries (especially during these days of social distancing).

However, more and more people are coming for Christian Counselling to deal with issues that are connected to feeling down and angry, stressed and fatigued for no apparent reason.

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Faith is Knowing Him

Wisdom is seeing things through God’s eyes.

In times of hardships and trials, people would project their humanity to God and think that God is enjoying man’s sufferings. That shows zero wisdom at all. That shows zero knowledge about God and without knowledge, how can there be faith?

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Handling Your Fears of Success

Have you ever wondered why the thought of success is seemingly an alien and distant concept in our minds? It seems that we are prone to thinking that we will never reach our goals and dreams; that they are just what they are: DREAMS.

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God is For Us

“Are You for us, or for our enemies?”  Joshua asked The Captain of God’s Army.  This is the question most commonly thrown at Christian Counsellors.  In this modern age where society attempts more than ever to get rid of God (or to paint Him in a bad light), this question becomes more relevant and more and more tempting to ask.

Jacob tearing his clothes in grief of hearing about his son’s death.

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Living Through This Pestilence

Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth,
to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.
Revelations 6:8

Before the Wuhan Virus updates, The Lord gave me the nudge to launch our Online Counselling services.  In my little mind, I thought that The Lord wanted Grace Counselling Centre to finally reach out to the world (I have been pestering The Lord about this).  Little did I know that it is to open up Christian Counselling resources to aid in this time of pestilence.

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2020 The Year of Boldness

Before anything, I’d like to welcome a blessed 2020 for everyone reading this!

I haven’t uploaded an entry since that dark month of August of 2019, also dubbed as the worst month of my life, being that lousy time when my mom left earth to be with Jesus. During this introspective time, most of God’s words to me were personal messages and revelations aimed not just to soothe my lost but also to bring in as much revelations as I can receive. Although, these painful months were painful enough to paralyzed me, The Lord was ever faithful in picking me up and in giving me hope to carry on the ministry in which He has entrusted me to work on.  This brings to light what Paul said that:

He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:6
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Grieving for Change

Counselling, whether it is in the secular or Christian Counselling framework, is all about change. To be precise, it is about changing from within.  We do not wait for the holidays to come in order for us to rest and we don’t have to rely for that great relationship to materialize in order for us to be happy.
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Professional Development vs. Personal Development

My write outs will often have a lot of my own journey and experiences. I am writing in hope that you may identify with some of these and know that you are not alone. No two journeys are alike as we each have our own lessons in life.  Should you ever need someone to hear you out, make sense of what is going on, or just walk with you a mile or two or more, we at Grace Counselling Centre, are here for you and we care.

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