The Role of Guilt on Mental Health

Guilt has a survival function. It makes us feel bad for a wrong that we did. This serves to prevent further escalation of the said ‘wrong’ behaviour.

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Most shocking behaviours such as rape has a rooting stage wherein the unwanted behaviour was incubated and cultivated. Starting at pornography, the person nourished his desires until it reached the point where he became dependent and numb to its gratifications.
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Trinity: God is Love


In my first year of University I took a class in philosophy. I had no idea what philosophy was and thought I would just take the class and see. At the start of the first lecture, the lecturer sat on the edge of the desk at the front of the lecture hall, leaned forward and asked, “Why are we here?”
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History, Jesus and the Easter Bunny


It’s that time of year again for hot cross buns and chocolate! Let that Easter bunny hide chocolate eggs around my house and I won’t question why a bunny would do that, who cares? Chocolate is so good! Seriously, what a bunny rabbit has to do with the historicity of Easter, I have no idea and I couldn’t be bothered to Google it either. What Jesus dying on the Cross has to do with Easter I know has something to do with forgiveness, such grace is a good thing as well, but should I question the death of Jesus or leave it unquestioned like the Easter bunny?

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Secrets in The Bible

Imagine a world taken over by an evil sadist and all he wants is to see everyone suffer.

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God’s heart aches from creation’s groans.  We are suffering and we want a way out of this reality.  Creation has rejected God and now we cry out for salvation from this counterfeit ruler, this prince of the world.

God has a plan for salvation.  He has to come down as one of us and He has to die as one of us.  Even with this perfect plan from the perfect Saviour, man still has his part to play on this earth and God has to hand us these instructions without the enemy intercepting it.
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2016 The Year of Active Hope!

Welcome to the first working week of 2016 where the holiday season officially ends and reality kicks in.  In times such as this, we are faced with 2 types of people: the ones who hold on to 2015 out of fear and the ones who can’t wait to grab what’s in store for them in 2016.

Fear Water

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Love and Empowerment

And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.
Ephesians 5:2

Feet waching

To walk in love is to live life carrying the revelation of Jesus’ love for us.  It is through receiving this love that we become empowered to love others.

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The Power Behind Prayers

PrayingFor the sake of definition and communication, I use the word prayer to refer to behaviour that is used to engage in a personal 2-way communication with God.  In this way, prayers involve a conversation, with us talking to Him and at the same time listening to Him.

This article is all about knowing the power behind prayers; on why prayers are important and integral to our Christian life.  I want to begin by stressing the fact that prayers are so important that among all the testimonies and teachings on its benefits, none will outweigh the fact that even The Lord Jesus Christ Himself prayed during His ministry here on earth.

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