How to Forgive

People agree on the power and benefits of forgiving others and themselves. The question which they face is how?  A lot of people and friends I encounter in Christian Counselling share the same sentiment.  “I thought I have forgiven but I realize that I am still angry. Have I really forgiven the person?”

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Hypnosis Visions Meditations in Christian Counselling

A lot of clients curious about Christian Counselling wonder if we, as Christian practitioners, use the counselling methods that involve altering one’s state of consciousness. By this we mean the utilization of psychological methods pertaining to meditations, visualizations, and even hypnosis and dream interpretation.  “Aren’t these occultic practices?” They ask. Aren’t these pagan practices that therefore shouldn’t be used in Christian circles?  I have to be frank that I do come across Christians who freak out every time I talk about these practices.
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Counselling Out of Our Comfort Zones

The hamster wakes up sips its water and jumps in its wheel. It runs and runs as the wheel spins and spins. It does this until it’s dead tired or right when it starts asking the question: why am I doing this? What have I been doing this for?

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Exercise your authority in Christ!

I was just speaking to this person whose mother is sick with a form of cancer.  I asked this person: “have you prayed for your mother’s healing?” Afterwhich, I received this look from her as if I said something shocking.

“Can I do that?” This Christian friend asked.

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Abortion and Its Horrors

This article is not about the division between pro-life and pro-choice. I am not here to judge or condemn anyone or make fun of any group.
Psychologically speaking, abortion destroys not only the child but also the people connected to it. That obviously includes the woman, the man, and family members who were aware of the incident.  We can even include the medical staff involved in the procedure. In a sense abortion procedures can be construed as a lose-lose-lose situation for everyone.
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The Mystery of the 12 Baskets

And they did all eat, and were filled: 
and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.  

Matthew 14:20

This is one of the more popular stories on the miracles of Jesus Christ.  Even today, when we see symbolisms of bread and fish, we are reminded of God’s abundant blessings which connects to the miracle of feeding the 5000.  While we have heard about this story time and time again, there are still some elements which leads to more questions. Say for example, what was the meaning of the 12 baskets which were left over?  Why did The Gospels specifically have to mention this?
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How to Exit a Counselling Relationship

The Counselling Relationship is a working and personal relationship between you and your counsellor. It is a relationship built on respect, trust, cooperation, and motivation. These elements are necessary for growth and change to occur.  What happens then when I want to stop coming for counselling?
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