Review and Regroup

I decided to post on this topic today because just this week alone, I had 2 different people mentioned this to me. There are times in our lives when we feel lost and unsure of our future or what steps we should be taking. So, what do we do? Or what can we do?

A very good friend of mine shared something she read by Martha Beck. If I understood her correctly; the essence of it all is this; sometimes we feel overwhelmed with what life throws at us. Some of us take a more pro-active approach to it and launch into whatever projects that lands at our feet. Many times, we fail to achieve what we hope to; not because of the lack in passion or inappropriate use of method. Instead, we fail to recognise if that is what we really want to do and end up even more confused and burnt out. I am very guilty of this; I am so afraid of missing any opportunities that I say yes to every proposal and ultimately tire myself out before I even reach my first checkpoint.

So, the point that I am aiming at today is this: if you are at a crossroad and are not sure of what you should be doing. Here is something you might want to try: According to Martha Beck, one of the ways is to walk into a bookshop. Hang on a minute, I am not asking you to go and buy a self-help book. I am saying there is a good chance that you will wonder to the section that interest you the most. If you are too lazy to go to the mall, sit down and think about which section of the bookshop you visit most when you do wonder into a bookshop? You can start your new ‘career’ or life goal search there.

Now, stay with me on this one. Just the other day, I was in a lecture on life-span development with a very grounded and humourous lecturer. Something she shared that evening jumped out at me. She said that many times when people want to reinvent themselves; be it because of a mid-life crisis or the result of a traumatic life event. People usually return to their childhood dreams. Let’s say you have always wanted to be a pilot but never made it there. And at 50 years old, you are successful but still feel that something is missing in your life; perhaps the thought of getting your pilot license might have crossed your mind. Then, maybe, you might want to consider going for that pilot license.

I believe that everyone should be doing what they love, but unfortunately the world does not function that way. But that is not to say that you cannot be happy because you are not doing your dream job. This is why people have hobbies which they love. Anyway, the topic today is not about whether your job is linked to your happiness. That is something else we can talk about another day.

Today, I hope to share these little tips with you; in the event that you feel lost and are in need of some direction. Try going to a bookstore and see where your heart takes you. Or think back on some of your childhood dreams, interests or ambitions. These are good places to start.

Good luck finding yourself again and remember; it is never too late and life is not meant to be easy. Decide on what you want to do and hold on to it like a bull-dog terrier. Start with something you love; at the very least, you have passion to rely on.
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