GCC Code of Ethics

version of December 2014

  1. Our Scope and Limitations.  Counsellors and Therapists of GCC specialize in Psychological (Cognitive-Emotional-Behavioral) and Spiritual (Existential) problems.  We do not and we cannot  claim to be experts in all forms of problems and concerns.  We seek for your consideration and understanding should we reject concerns regarding:  Financial problems, Legal Matters, Medical Problems, Business and Investments, Government Issues, etc.

    We are well aware that all problems consist of multiple issues. We invite you to send us your concerns and we shall do our best to help you.

  2. Our Tools and Methods.  As professionals, we utilize counselling theories founded in psychological research. Our help and assistance can take the form of:

    A.  Sharing of Expert Opinion/Information
    B.  Provision of Logical Consequences
    C.  Encouragement and Support
    D.  Guidance to self-awareness
    E.  Reframing and Reinterpretation.

    It is a part of the ethical codes of counselling and psychology and of Grace Counselling Centre NOT to provide DIRECT ADVICE, ORDERS, DIRECTIONS, and most of all PRESCRIPTIONS to our valued clients.  Counselling is all about EMPOWERING people to act and behave for themselves in ways that are healthy for them.


    Although it is our mission to SHARE the principles of The Bible, our counsellors and consultants will NEVER FORCE any culture, belief, ideas, or advice/action on our clients.  In the end, the decision (what to accept and what not to accept) and the action (what to do and what not to do) remains under the client’s volition and responsibility.

  1. Confidentiality.  All information we received from your queries, e-mails, and registrations will be kept for recording purposes and will be kept in strict confidence.

    The Ethical Codes of Counselling and Psychology compel us to report to the authorities and concerned family members cases with suspected/observed abuse, self-harm & suicidality, and illegal/criminal activities.