What to expect in Counselling

What to expect:

  • Counselling is a one to one private consultation with a professional counsellor/therapist that will last for an hour.  The first session is very important as it is the time when the counsellor-client fit is determined.  The first session is also the only time given for the counsellor to grasp the full view of the client’s problem and to determine on how to help the client.

  • Here in GCC, we provide refreshments to make you feel ‘at home’ while going through counselling.  GCC clients can choose from a variety of warm drinks like coffee, tea, cereal, or just plain water.  We also provide mini-snacks such as biscuits and cakes.  All of these are Free-Of-Charge for GCC clients.

  • Please take note that a counselling relationship will usually last for approximately 6 sessions.  It WILL be longer for clinical cases and for Axis-II cases (Personality Disorders).

What to prepare for before counselling:

  • Please take note that each session is charged at $150 ($250 for couples).  Sessions conducted by Kirby Chua, our counselling psychologist, is charged at $200. We offer a wide range of payment methods, we accept cash, checks, PayLah, PayNow, or Bank Transfers.

  • Please set aside time to travel comfortably to your counselling session.  Spend some time to prepare yourself mentally for an hour of self-exploration.  A map of GCC office (Manhattan House bldg at China Town) is provided here: GCC MAP

  • Counselling sessions can be both stressful and even traumatic.  As both our body and mind will protect itself against change, you may feel tired or even sick after a good counselling session.  This can last for days.  We suggest you set aside time for a good 8-hour sleep on the day of your counselling session.

  • For queries please contact us at 98953786.

Other documents:

GCC Code of Ethics

Counsellor-Client Agreement