Good NEWS! Chinese Translation will soon be up!

Good NEWS! By the grace of God, our Chinese Translation is on the way to becoming fully operational!

We are pleased to announce that our website is ready to be translated to the Chinese language. This will allow us to reach out to more people in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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The Principle of Sowing and Reaping in Christian Counselling

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting our page. Below are the additional notes for the video above. Please excuse the lack of flow or even coherence. I just placed my notes there as is. I didn’t want to edit and re-edit stuff less I procrastinate once again.

Christian Counselling is largely about correcting the mindset by letting new things SINK IN.

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Non-Biblical Holidays: What are we to do?

From the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games
Ever wondered why people were made to kneel down to a bull?
Is this image familiar?

Society loves holidays. We love celebrations, the gatherings, and most of all, we all love the time it gives away from work. I personally love holidays but as a Christian, it is my responsibility to see if these are all instructed to us by God. In other words, are these holidays we’ve been participating in Biblical?

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Do NOT Fight tomorrow with who you are Today

Many are looking into 2024 with chills running down their spine.
Will I be able to keep my job? Will I be able to pay the bills?
Will there be another lock down?

The world has conditioned us, like chess players, to think 20 steps ahead. To consider the future and be prepared for it. I do agree with this attitude, after all, we are all geared to hope for the future. The problem here is that considering the future normally generates anxiety because we fall for this common thinking error of considering future events while failing to take into account how far we will grow by then.
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What is Christian Counselling?

Hello everyone, I’m posting articles and videos here about “Christian Counselling” as it’s definitely a concept people visiting us should be familiar to.

As clients of Grace Counselling Centre, you have the right to know what you are getting yourself into.

First and foremost, I would suggest that clients look into the concept of “Counselling” and “Psychotherapy”.
For starters, here is an article about the philosophy of counselling and change.  This would show how counselling can help:

Why Counselling? What is Counselling?

True Empowerment in Christian Counselling

The Principle of Sowing and Reaping

Second, is to check what Christian Counselling is:

Hope this helps.  I plan to keep this page as dynamic as possible so as to have more and more information regarding Counselling and Christian Counselling.

For any questions or concerns, please drop us an email at

Thank you and God bless you!

If you are in need of good old fashioned Christian Counselling, please contact us through:
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Why Counselling? What is Counselling?

Do I need Counselling?

True Empowerment in Christian Counselling

God is Good?

The LORD is good to all
Psalms 145:9

The Problem of Pain:
If God is all loving and all powerful, then why is there suffering?


This is in response to arguments and people who use the problem of pain to say that God is cruel (not good) and therefore The God of The Bible is false.  Which such questions, we cannot avoid delving into deeper philosophical underpinnings. For how can we judge someone as good or bad if we have no notion of what “good” or “bad” is?  Who gets to say what’s good and what’s bad? Santa Claus? I’m actually curious how that phony will determine which children are “bad or good”.
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The Great Deception

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I’m helping out a friend to read through and comment on his upcoming book about the world’s deception against Christianity.

I am sharing the PDF of the preface and first chapter here.  If anyone wants to send some feedback: questions, suggestions, objections, please send them to my email  All of these feedback will be treated with privacy and respect.

It is my pleasure to share the work of a friend on some controversial subjects.
And due to the controversial nature of the subjects, we have withheld his identity for the moment.

He started off researching and studying deep into the the Word of God on topics taught by mainstream channels which he finds are unbiblical.

He intends to publish his work soon in a book.

Here is the preface of the book which gives a good summary of what the book is about and the first chapter.




Christian Assertion

Do you find yourself talked down to by people as if being scolded like a child?  Not just at work but even by your own family? Do you feel that you have no choice but to just accept their observations and accusations about you that you just nod your head and take in blame and fault whilst knowing that you didn’t do anything wrong?

A lot of people have been raised this way. They’ve always been made to believe that they are wrong, so this becomes their default position when dealing with people. 

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The Book of Remembrance: The Lord Remembers

God remembers.

I wish to empower people towards love and good works; or doing things ‘for God’ by reminding everyone that God sees and treasures our works.  The good works that came out of you through grace didn’t just go unnoticed by Him. It didn’t just fly away into oblivion as what some voices would say.
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The Aliens Narrative

The bombardment of Alien News: click on the image for a sample of news from BBC.

You can call me crazy for even addressing this in the Christian Counselling context, but no one can deny that alien news and propaganda have been flooding us lately. More declassified documents, more leaks, and more whistleblowing are thrown for public consumption. Why would the world be doing this?
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