Anxiety: Focusing on the Self and Forgetting The Lord

Anxieties spring up when we forget about The Lord. This is when we start interpreting life through the lenses of aloneness. It’s the feeling that you are going to war alone, without any back up or support; everyone is seen as a potential enemy. Everyone becomes seemingly against me. With these lenses, both the body and the mind will react to the base thoughts and then the vigilance will star to rise. These energies accumulate and what we have is an anxiety attack.

You see what happened there? Our eyes were taken of The Lord and focused on ourselves, only then did the anxiety arise. It reminds me of the Apostle Peter who was able to walk on water when his eyes were set on Jesus but the moment the storm and the seas caught his attention, he started to panic, he began to sink.

Just like The Apostle Peter, we go through the same attacks in our daily lives. We wake up in the morning, say our minute good morning prayers, then get crushed by the emails, messages, tasks, even before we reach our workplace.

The world will dump on us everything just to sway us away from The Lord Jesus Christ. Your work is there waiting for you, tasks and chores all lined up for your attention, your relationships demanding your time, even the call of entertainment and rest will add to this avalanche of distractions. How do we not get pulled away from The Lord? In this modern society, how do we not get the anxieties?

We need a daily dose of His word, either by reading, by music, by conversations, or at least by prayer alone. We cannot afford going out to the world without leaving a space for Him in our consciousness. This is the very thing we need and yet this is the very thing that the world deprives us of.

Imagine as they say that your mind as a temple of God. Now, how much of that temple is dedicated to Him?
I see anxieties as our mind’s signals that we have pushed God away from the temple of our mind.

king Solomon instructed:
“In all your ways acknowledge Him,”
Proverbs 3:6

Apostle Paul tells us:
“And whatever you do in word or deed,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”
Colossians 3:17

“Pray without ceasing”
1 Thessalonians 5:17

This why we feel good after a church service. This is one of the rare moments of the week when we disconnect from society and look into God.
We once again become conscious of Him as we pay less attention to ourselves. This time it becomes Jesus Jesus Jesus instead of “I” “I” “Me”.

Our task is to bring back The Lord Jesus to consciousness as often as possible. The Firstborn is the centre of our existence and should never be second to anything. The moment we do this, we become that tree planted in living waters (Psalm 1:3) that brings forth fruit in its season. We become stable and immovable in Christ Jesus.

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