Meditating on God’s Power to Conquer Anxiety

Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great;
thou art clothed with honour and majesty.
Psalms 104:1

Anxious people feel exposed to danger and punishment.  Love alone is not enough to overcome this. For someone willing to fight for you and protect you doesn’t necessarily mean that they can.  We need a protector who is not just willing but someone who is also capable of doing so.

Here comes the image of our parents and carers. As children, mothers are projected in our consciousness as an image of love and care while the image of the father projects protection and shelter.  Who, then, would you want to go to war with you?

Soldiers falling on Jesus’ feet.
John 18:6

When dealing with anxieties, knowing that someone cares for you is one thing; however, if we are to overcome the real threats of the enemy, we need The Pillar of Strength, our Rock, our Strong Tower, our Fortress.  This image of capability and strength, of majesty and magnificence, can only come out not from love but from the security and confidence stemming from a sense of POWER.

In dealing with these anxieties, I recommend Psalms 104. Read and meditate on it until it sinks in that your Father in Heaven is The Almighty God who has the power, the control, and the sovereignty over everything. He loves you and He is also very very much able.


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