Grace Counselling Centre shares the gift of healing and the gift of a meaningful life through The Lord Jesus Christ. We are a private organization that provides minimum cost counselling services. Our operational costs rely greatly on your donations.All donations will be kept confidential; however, an E-receipt will be sent to you through your E-mail. Your official receipt can be sent to you through mail upon your request.All monetary transactions with Grace Counselling Centre will ALWAYS be accompanied by an official receipt. All transactions are reported to and accounted for by The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

All information sent to Grace Counselling Centre are kept confidential. For more information about our CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY please visit our Code of Ethics.

Contribute Using Credit Card / Money Transfer through Paypal

The use of the credit card is the most common way of transferring funds in the internet. You may choose to contribute directly from your credit card or you can use the balance of your Paypal account to transfer money.



Contributing to Grace Counselling Centre is purely on a voluntary basis and it will NOT affect the quality of service we provide for you or others.

However, we do need your contributions to keep our services at a minimum-rate and some of the services free.

It is important that you know that by contributing, you are not only helping the centre and the counsellors, you are also helping our fellow brothers and sisters who cannot afford or access professional counselling because of financial problems and/or other reasons.


Grace Counselling Centre in NOT a charity organization. Given this, your contributions are NOT tax-deductible.