Counselling Out of Our Comfort Zones

The hamster wakes up sips its water and jumps in its wheel. It runs and runs as the wheel spins and spins. It does this until it’s dead tired or right when it starts asking the question: why am I doing this? What have I been doing this for? Read more »

Secrets in The Bible

Imagine a world taken over by an evil sadist and all he wants is to see everyone suffer. God’s heart aches from creation’s groans.  We are suffering and we want a way out of this reality.  Creation has rejected God and now we cry out for salvation from this counterfeit […] Read more »

Counselling Supervision

 Counselling Supervision – First Steps By: Kirby Chua and Frederick Low Counsellors and  Counselling Psychologists under training/internship are invited to the joint project of Grace Counselling Centre and PsychLiving Associates.   New Intake starting 28 March 2015! Register as an early bird today (by 23 March 2015) For more details: […] Read more »