What is Christian Counselling?

Hello everyone, I’m posting articles and videos here about “Christian Counselling” as it’s definitely a concept people visiting us should be familiar to. As clients of Grace Counselling Centre, you have the right to know what you are getting yourself into. First and foremost, I would suggest that clients look […] Read more »

Why Counselling? What is Counselling?

Everyone wants their lives to change but do YOU want to change? After all, counselling is all about working on ones internal changes. It is a process of unlearning the unhealthy while learning new and healthier attitudes and habits. Through this process, your life will change because it is you […] Read more »

GCC Code of Ethics

version of December 2014 Our Scope and Limitations.  Counsellors and Therapists of GCC specialize in Psychological (Cognitive-Emotional-Behavioral) and Spiritual (Existential) problems.  We do not and we cannot  claim to be experts in all forms of problems and concerns.  We seek for your consideration and understanding should we reject concerns regarding: […] Read more »

Counselling Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counselling? How does Counselling work? Counselling is a process where a counsellor, using psychological tools and theories, facilitates mental, emotional, and behavioural changes on the person whom they are helping. Counselling is helpful for the following situations: Facilitate decision making:  For career decisions, relationship and marriage decisions. Manage […] Read more »

Counsellor-Client Relationship Agreement

These are the exact documents used in Grace Counselling Centre.  Feel free to download and print a copy. Click here to download the GCC Counsellor Client Individual Agreement  Click here to download the GCC Internet Counselling Individual Agreement    The Counsellor-Client Relationship is a sensitive issue that is taken seriously by all […] Read more »

What to expect in Counselling

What to expect: Counselling is a one to one private consultation with a professional counsellor/therapist that will last for an hour.  The first session is very important as it is the time when the counsellor-client fit is determined.  The first session is also the only time given for the counsellor […] Read more »