For The Grieving Believer and Those Caring For Them

The lost a love one can be one of the greatest stressor anyone can experience in their life.  Below are some Biblical truths that Christian counsellors can convey to help their clients during their time of grieving. Here are some truths that the griever should know: #1. Death is not caused by […] Read more »

The Scandal of Calling God “Father”

Most people would regard God Almighty as The Creator, The LORD of Heaven’s Armies, The King of Righteousness, The Alpha and The Omega.  Rightly so, because He is all of those and more, but our relationship and revelation of God should not end with those formal titles because Jesus Christ […] Read more »

The Salvation that ended Halloween

Now that we have arrived in the month of October, the world is once again reminded of the mystery of: “what will happen to us after we die?”  Books of hauntings and the afterlife have already been launched to address our insatiable needs of unraveling this mystery. Read more »