The Psychology Behind Alien Abductions

Technology is advancing at exponential rates and we are getting more and more interested with our cosmic neighbors as the thought of space travel slowly becomes a possibility. Because of this trend, movie makers have been reinforcing and propagandizing the ‘alien industry’. It started with the advancement of cinematics that […] Read more »

Internet Freedom or Internet Filtering?

Nothing comes for free. With the fast pace of information exchanged and delivered from the internet; communication, entertainment, education, and business rose to unimaginable levels. After all the improvements the internet has done for society, there is one other thing that we cannot deny: that the internet also provided a […] Read more »

Anorexia Nervosa

Eating disorders are the third most common serious medical disorder in female adolescents, after asthma and depression (Ung, 2003). Abnormalities in eating behaviour can result from eating too much (binge eating/obesity), having unusual eating rituals (bulimia nervosa), or not eating at all (anorexia nervosa). A variation of eating disorder, anorexia […] Read more »