Good NEWS! Chinese Translation will soon be up!

Good NEWS! By the grace of God, our Chinese Translation is on the way to becoming fully operational!

We are pleased to announce that our website is ready to be translated to the Chinese language. This will allow us to reach out to more people in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

All the viewers have to do, is to click on the “Translate” button found on the lower left of the screen as seen on the image on the left.

The Not So Good NEWS:

We are aware of the inferior translation (or should I say dismal translation?) produced by the A.I. This is expected as our focus at this stage is to ensure that the programming infrastructure is well in place. At this point, I want to thank our tech team (who refused to be named) for doing a great job!

We are working on generating the best translation that is worthy of conveying God’s word to the Chinese speaking public. For the meantime, please bear with us as you try out and play around with the translations (enjoy it while it lasts).

Peace be with you all! In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ!