McLobsters and McPizzas

Does McDonald’s serve Lobsters or Pizzas? I am posing these questions to people who ask about the seeming inconsistencies found in The Bible.  I placed emphasis on the word “SEEMING” to point out that there are no inconsistencies in God’s word; Read more »

On Buddhist Impermanence and Christian Counselling

I had the privilege of meeting a Buddhist practitioner who shared with me the concept of Impermanence.  Impermanence is one of the core concepts of Buddhism that teaches us that nothing in the universe is permanent. “Life in any world is unstable, it is swept away, it has no shelter […] Read more »

Boldness in Christ

What if she doesn’t like me? Asks a young man before approaching his crush. What if the market forces change? Asks a middle aged auntie thinking of a career change. What if I make the wrong decision? Asks this procrastinating manager. These are just some of the questions that I […] Read more »