On Pornography Addiction: Video #6

The overall aim of this video is to bring greater respect for ones body and others. I believe that this revelation of the true worth of each person will contribute to dealing with the temptations that lead to pornography use.The human body is meant for the union of marriage and […] Read more »

Anxiety: Focusing on the Self and Forgetting The Lord

Anxieties spring up when we forget about The Lord. This is when we start interpreting life through the lenses of aloneness. It’s the feeling that you are going to war alone, without any back up or support; everyone is seen as a potential enemy. Everyone becomes seemingly against me. With […] Read more »

The Lord’s Kindness to Jonah

Your estimation of God is what matters!The Bible shows that God will treat you in the way you regard Him. We all know who Jonah is and what he did. And the question that we are dealing with today is: Why was Jonah dealt lightly by God? Read more »

On Sacrifice and Fasting

By sacrifice I don’t mean “blood sacrifice”, rituals which were conducted during the Old Testament. It is not about killing bulls and goats on the altar of God; neither is it about offering human sacrifice (ie: the ones offered to Baal/Molech, suggested to Abraham offering Isaac). In this article, sacrifice […] Read more »

Do NOT Fight tomorrow with who you are Today

Many are looking into 2024 with chills running down their spine. Will I be able to keep my job? Will I be able to pay the bills? Will there be another lock down? The world has conditioned us, like chess players, to think 20 steps ahead. To consider the future […] Read more »

God is Good?

The LORD is good to all Psalms 145:9 The Problem of Pain: If God is all loving and all powerful, then why is there suffering?   This is in response to arguments and people who use the problem of pain to say that God is cruel (not good) and therefore […] Read more »

Christian Assertion

Do you find yourself talked down to by people as if being scolded like a child?  Not just at work but even by your own family? Do you feel that you have no choice but to just accept their observations and accusations about you that you just nod your head […] Read more »

The Book of Remembrance: The Lord Remembers

I wish to empower people towards love and good works; or doing things ‘for God’ by reminding everyone that God sees and treasures our works.  The good works that came out of you through grace didn’t just go unnoticed by Him. It didn’t just fly away into oblivion as what […] Read more »

The Aliens Narrative

You can call me crazy for even addressing this in the Christian Counselling context, but no one can deny that alien news and propaganda have been flooding us lately. More declassified documents, more leaks, and more whistleblowing are thrown for public consumption. Why would the world be doing this? Read more »