Online Counselling

As of July 2019, people around the world can now avail of Grace Counselling Centre’s Christian Counselling and Psychological Consulting services through Online Counselling.

Our Online Counselling services are delivered through the following cross platform applications:
4. Whatsapp

Fee and Duration
Each session, conducted by our counsellors and/or psychologists, runs for one hour and is charged at a standard rate of $130 SGD (approximately $95 USD per session).

Internet Counselling is conducted in the following languages:
1. English
2. Mandarin
3. Cantonese
4. Tagalog
5. Bahasa Indonesia

6. Malay

Scheduling your First Session
1. Click Here to fill up the Internet Counselling Registration Form. (This will take 5 minutes to fill up. All information are kept in strict confidence.)
2. Make the payment of $130 SGD through this Payment Link.
3. A GCC representative will contact you through your registered email address to fix the schedule of your counselling session.
4. A Confirmation Email will be sent to you together with your receipt.

5. Log-in to your Video Call Application on the date and time scheduled and your counsellor will contact you for your counselling session proper.

Scheduling Succeeding Sessions
1. Make the payment of $130 SGD through this Payment Link.
2. Your next schedule will be confirmed through the same channels as before.
3. Log-in to your Video Call Application on the confirmed date and time for your counselling session.

Our Counsellors
Do check out our counsellors through this link: About Us corner.
All our Internet Counselling therapists and counsellors are trained mental health professionals and are also practicing in our face-to-face counselling services here in our Singapore centre.
Cases go through a supervision process with a Singapore Registered Clinical Supervisor and also through case presentations in our peer supervision programme.