Do I need Counselling?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the self-statements below, then it is good to consider going for counselling.

  1. I am going through a rough time in life.
    1. Are you in the middle of a personal or family crisis?
    2. Are you going through extreme change in your lifestyle?
    3. Are you experiencing a major loss?
  1. I have no one to talk to regarding my problems.
    1. I am embarrassed to tell anyone of my problems.
    2. I literally have no friends or family to share my problems to.
    3. I cannot trust people with my problems.
  1. I do not know what is going on with me and my life.
    1. I need more guidance in life.
    2. I feel that I may be going crazy.
    3. I do not know what to do with my life.
    4. I am stuck.
    5. I do not know what my life is for.
  1. My family and friends tell me that I need counselling.
    1. My doctor (GP) recommended that I seek counselling.
  1. I feel like hurting myself or even ending my life.
    1. Life is a joke. Life has no meaning.
    2. I have attempted to hurt myself/end my life before.
    3. I hate myself. I hate this life.
  1. I am experiencing weird things and symptoms.
    1. I feel that something is wrong with my mind/body.
    2. Something is not right but I cannot pinpoint what it is.
    3. I experience recurrent nightmares and night terrors.
    4. I see or hear things that are not there.
    5. I have developed strange habits/mannerisms that have no known purpose.
  1. I cannot maintain healthy friendships and relationships.
    1. My friends/family avoid me.
    2. I always end up alone.
    3. My partner and I always fight.
    4. I cannot get along with my parents/family.
  1. I am experiencing extreme forms of any of the following emotions:
    1. Anger
    2. Sadness
    3. Fear
  1. I am dependent on some unhealthy habits and/or behaviours.
    1. I am addicted to certain substances or behaviour.
    2. I know I should stop but I can’t.
  1. I am generally unhappy.
    1. It has been a while since I felt happy.
    2. I am always complaining, irritable, and melancholic.
    3. I have low energy levels.

If you want to begin taking charge of your life, then I am here to invite you to come for our Christian Counselling services.  To change your “Yes” answers to a “No”, YOU will need to change and YOU will have to implement the changes in your life.

Send us an email at or call +65 64089752 to book for an assessment session.

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