Why Counselling? What is Counselling?

Everyone wants their lives to change but do YOU want to change?
After all, counselling is all about working on ones internal changes. It is a process of unlearning the unhealthy while learning new and healthier attitudes and habits.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

Through this process, your life will change because it is you who will change. From the inside out.

The Lottery Mentality is an attitude where people wait for things outside of themselves to change. This is a bit unrealistic as the external environment rarely changes FOR us; at most it will change to benefit itself and most of the time, it will be at our cost. People who seek counselling has finally had it with waiting for life to change – they can no longer trust the environment to do so; at this point they can only rely on themselves.

Your life will not change for the better unless you yourself change. We see from experience that things move in cycles and fixed structures. Companies move within their set contracts and procedures, people move within their habits and routines. The environment does not have the tendency to change. Their nature is to repeat, as they say: “like clock-work”. We also cannot force this change upon society and the world. For they will simply roll back to their old self and back to their natural cycle after the energy for change is depleted.

True change comes from the self. And this change begins from the mind.
This change doesn’t take a lot. The Lord Jesus Christ has shown us the truth behind this: it is through the image of The Mustard Seed. So, you guessed it right, this is going to take a “Christian turn”. The image of the Mustard Seed is the very essence of counselling. Change a bit of your mind (repentance) and you change the attitude. You change the attitude and habits change. Habits change then the social environment responds differently. You will then react differently to these changes and perpetuate a new cycle in life.

Counselling plants the seed, you will water it.. and God will give the increase
(my shameless application of 1 Corinthians 3:6)

The emphasis here is that the change comes from the person; not from winning the lottery or getting bitten by a radiated spider. Your life can change from your sheer decision alone – The Lord has designed it to be this way; this is how repentance ought to work in our lives.

I know it is a big decision to finally seek counselling. So, do reach out to us, email us at kirby@gracecounsellors.com or leave us a Whatsapp message at 98953786.