Secrets in The Bible

Imagine a world taken over by an evil sadist and all he wants is to see everyone suffer.

Man suffering

God’s heart aches from creation’s groans.  We are suffering and we want a way out of this reality.  Creation has rejected God and now we cry out for salvation from this counterfeit ruler, this prince of the world.

God has a plan for salvation.  He has to come down as one of us and He has to die as one of us.  Even with this perfect plan from the perfect Saviour, man still has his part to play on this earth and God has to hand us these instructions without the enemy intercepting it.
I love asking people how they would handle this scenario:  If you are a leader of a rebellion, how would you send your messages to everyone in the kingdom without the enemy seeing it?


God has sent direct messengers, called prophets, and they were killed.

God has sent kings and judges to exercise force, but they were corrupted.

Finally God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who fulfilled His mission of Salvation perfectly and now it is our turn to claim what He has done for us.

Who is this Jesus Christ?

What did He save us from?

How do we claim His salvation?

We are creatures left without guidance and so God provided us an instruction Book, The Holy Bible.  It is God’s message to all of His children stuck in this fallen world.  It is distributed publicly, so everyone can access it.  It was written simply so all may read.  It is also written cryptically, so even if the enemy grabs hold of it, they do not understand.  God left this precious Book out in the open for His children to benefit from.  It holds the key to love, to happiness, to our very meaning in life, to our salvation, and it holds the key to our Saviour.  It is here, right before our eyes and we have but to pick it up, read, and believe.


Pick up your Bibles and listen to what messages and secrets God has for you today.


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