Our Peace is in Jesus Christ

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. –Philippians 4:7

What is God’s peace?  To know what we already have from God, our Father, all we have to do is look into the life of our Eldest Brother, Jesus Christ.

  • Peace of mind.  Have you ever seen Jesus worried?  Have you ever read about Jesus being stressed out?  The peace of The Lord Jesus Christ surpasses all understanding.  It gives us happiness and security that nothing in the world can give.  Jesus was the busiest and the most effective person in the Bible and yet He was without complaint, without fear, and even without sin (Hebrews 4:15).
  • Peace of the body.  Have you ever seen Jesus Christ sick?  Have you ever seen The Lord tired? Yes, He was recorded to be sleeping but His sleep was not a demonstration of how tired He was.  Mark 4:38 was demonstration of The Lord’s peace of mind; that when everyone in the boat were fearing death and drowning, Jesus Christ was cool and calm enough to enjoy and make the most out of the stormy situation.

This is what it means to have divine health: Jesus Christ Himself will make sure you stay fit and healthy (Isaiah 53:4-5).  It was also recorded that during their time with The Lord that none of the apostles became sick and none of them died before their time (except the one who rejected Him):

While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. None has been lost except the one doomed to destruction so that Scripture would be fulfilled. (John 17:12)

Peace of the spirit.  Have you ever seen Jesus Christ rejected by His Father?  Once you touch on Jesus Christ, the first person who will prosper in us is our spirit.  In the whole Bible, The Son, Jesus Christ’s Spirit was so clean and perfect that His very blood can pay for the sin of the world.  And that is exactly what The Lord did on the cross:  He saved us from our sins by giving us His perfection and righteousness.  Because of this peace that the Lord has freely given us, we will NEVER be rejected by God, our Father.  All glory to The Lord Jesus Christ!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. John 14:27

These are what we have through Christ Jesus!  A sound mind, a perfect health and of course, Salvation!  Read more of the Bible and know more about Jesus Christ and learn more about this Peace that He has died to give you!

A blessed Jesus-filled weekend to all!


* Image taken from Google Images