Passport to Heaven

Mind Above

Philippians 3:20 “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,”

Jesus Himself said in John 17 that we are not of this world; we are in it but we do not belong to it.  Our belongingness is in heaven where our Saviour, Jesus Christ dwells with The Father.  Down here, in the world of flesh where no good can be produced, God sent His only Son to redeem us and because of His shed blood on the cross, Jesus Christ cleansed us so well and so pure that we are no longer a part of this ugly and fallen earth.  Because of His shed blood, we are now sons of the Most High God! Citizens of Heaven through The Lord Jesus Christ!

So whatever garbage you are experiencing from the world right now, be it sickness, pain, poverty, depression or condemnation, reject it in the name of Jesus Christ!  Those are but lies trying to convince you that you are still under the laws of the flesh (citizen of the earth).  To accept sufferings and pains is to reject the eternal payment made by The Lord Jesus Christ.  The truth is that you are now a new creation in Christ, the Lord having died for our sins has already paid for the punishment and cleansed us forever (2 Corinthians 5:17).

This is the only way…. Our Passport to Heaven.

My friend, you have no idea how valuable you are because of the blood of Jesus Christ.  I don’t care which passport you hold; as long as you believe that Jesus Christ has died for your sins, then you are a citizen of heaven.  And Citizens of Heaven are FREE from curses, SAVED from sin, REDEEMED from the world, SANCTIFIED to the Lord and GLORIFIED through Him who loves us!


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