What is God’s Righteousness?

3Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

The happy life, in a materialistic world, we measure it using the 5 C’s of success: Cars, Condominiums, Club memberships, Cash and Credit Cards.  Well, in the Kingdom of God, prosperity is only one of the minor promises.  What else are there?  As children of The Most High God, besides material wealth, we are also entitled to a lot of other minor earthly promises such as health, quality relationships, happiness and earthly honor.  Everything that Jesus gave up in heaven, He gave up so it could all come down to us!  He was born poor, so that we can be rich!  His enemies, family and friends rejected Him so that we can have long lasting loving relationships!  He became a man of sorrows so we can partake of His glory!  He was scourged, beaten and crushed, so we can receive His heavenly health.  Finally, He was subjected to shame and condemnation, so we in turn could enjoy the honor that was reserved only for God’s only Son!

Once you see, understand and accept what Jesus Christ has done on the cross for us, then God’s Righteousness has been revealed to you.  You will come to understand that Jesus Christ laid down His life for us sinners out of His love.  Jesus Christ loves us all that He would give up all of heaven’s glory and take all our sins (and die for it) so that we can receive all of His blessings.

This is God’s Righteousness.

Do you want to receive heaven’s blessings? Then run to the Man who is responsible for it.  Know Him who has died for you and for me.  Know Him who knew no sin and became sin so that we may become children of The Most High God.  This is people’s biggest error: they have been searching for God’s righteousness thinking that it’s a doctrine or something they should do.  What ‘blind’ people don’t know is that The Righteousness of God is a Person! His name is Jesus Christ!  Once you have Him, all these blessings shall be added unto you!


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