Why won’t God speak to me?

As a rule in Christian Counselling, I always remind people that God speaks to us all the time, we just don’t like what He says.  Most of the time, we just want someone to agree with us, to say to us the things that we want to hear.  This attitude is deadly.

I’ve come across this lady who was having a relationship with a married man. Realizing that I dwell in the field of Christian Counselling, she complained: “why won’t God speak to me?” Why doesn’t He just appear in front of me and tell me what to do?

Sounds familiar? Now, how do we handle such outcries?

Summoning my most respectful and sensitive tone, I asked her:

“What does the Bible say about your situation?”

“I know, I know! As a Christian, I know adultery is wrong, but I cannot help myself.”

So, God has been speaking to her! His message is riddled all around The Bible, and from her impatient tone, it seems that all her well-meaning confidants have been telling her the same thing. And there is no other way of interpreting it: that adultery is clearly wrong, it is illogical, and it will lead to more trouble. Now get yourself out of this mess!

She’s been hearing this message, probably from deep within herself too. She just didn’t like what God was saying. In her narrowed mind, she just wants God to appear to her and tell her that it is ok to be dating a married man. And her attitude then was: “If You, God, won’t tell me it’s ok, then I will find others who will.”

When it comes to our situation, do we really want God to appear to us and tell us what He really wants to say? If you are prepared to hear His answer, His real answer, then all you need to do is read The Bible and let it sink in that this is God’s word and this is God’s message to you. Do not try to bend the interpretation to what you wish to hear, do not even try to rationalize that “this is not for me” (you will know from spirit that God is speaking to you).

My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow me:
John 10:27

If you come across a message of rest, then rest without worrying and rest without guilt.

If the message is a message (or a story) of patience, then lay down your arms and wait for things to pass.

If the Bible verse is about worship, then drop down everything and offer this time to worship.

Read God’s instructions and follow them. You will see that they are straightforward, they are easy and light (Matthew 11:30), and they will always benefit you and those around you.  You are drawing from the infinite wisdom of God.

Lives are ruined and problems arise because man seeks to be independent of God. Let us continue to involve God in our lives. Let us start by listening to Him.

“This is my beloved Son,with whom I am well pleased; LISTEN TO HIM.”
Matthew 17:5

God has indeed been speaking to you lately.  The question now is: have you accepted what He has been saying?

Now it is up to you to accept this gift of wisdom or to continue pretending that He is hiding from us.