Circuit Breaker Measures: Migrating to Online Services

On 3 April 2020, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long announced the activation of The Circuit Breaker Measures as an adaptive response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  It is the elevation of the nation’s coping measures in curbing further transmissions of COVID-19 which is planned to run from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020.

How do we plan to handle it here at Grace Counselling Centre?

The Circuit Breaker Measures direct all non-essential work to close and for all people to stay at home.  Grace Counselling Centre fully supports this directive and will gladly comply in the aim of curbing down this great societal threat.  I wish it is this simple; however, the helping profession of psychology and counselling falls under Mental Health Services, which is considered an “Essential Service”.  Together with our mandate as helping professionals and in upholding our ethical code of providing our services to those who are in need of it, Grace Counselling Centre’s counselling services will remain operational throughout the course of The Circuit Breaker Measure.

We strongly encourage and recommend our existing and future counselling clients to consider and opt for our online counselling services.  Going for online counselling provides several benefits:

  1. Online Counselling Services are cheaper than face-to-face counselling
  2. Online Counselling Services are a lot more convenient than face-to-face counselling
  3. Online Counselling Services is a lot safer in terms of battling and protecting ourselves against the threat of COVID-19.

As much as possible, let us try to conduct our sessions through online means.
For more information on Online Counselling Services, please click HERE.



We have received approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry on 10 April 2020 to operate our Face-to-Face counselling services as we agree to implement safe distancing and other measures of safety.

We do understand that there are client conditions that will require a face-to-face facilitation of counselling. Just a quick guideline, these are cases that involve:

  1. Psychological testing
  2. Clinical depression (ie: extreme loneliness, meaninglessness, hopelessness)
  3. Specific forms of anxiety disorders (ie: panic disorder, specific phobias, OCD, etc.)
  4. Physical & Social Issues at home (ie: family violence, abuse, etc.)
  5. Suicide Ideations and Attempts – this includes self-harm and personal neglect
  6. Clients with hearing difficulties and other social/communication problems
  7. Clients subjected to special forms of therapy (ie: hypnosis, EMDR, etc.)
  8. Other related problems and disorders that can’t be settled through online means

We encourage everyone to opt for online counselling during this period of crisis.  If you feel that you need to come for Face-to-Face Counselling, please inform the centre so we can process your request.  This request is NOT an option for people under Stay at Home Notice (SHN).

Guidelines for clients coming for Face-to-Face Counselling
(What can you expect?)

  • All clients coming to Grace Counselling Centre premises for counselling will be asked to sign a Declaration Form (Face to Face Counselling Declaration) for every session.
  • Expect a minor breach in Confidentiality:
    • When inquired, you will have to inform the security at the lobby of Manhattan House Building that you are a counselling client of Grace Counselling Centre. You will have to present your name and identification at the lobby of the building.
    • Your temperature will also be taken to make sure that everyone in the building is healthy.
  • Client Accompaniments. Please limit your accompaniments to ONE guardian/friend. Couples coming for marriage/couples counselling are advised NOT to bring their children or any companion with them.
    • Manhattan House (which has to send reports to the government) reserves the right to disallow entry of excess people.
  • Everyone going out of their houses are encouraged to wear masks. If you don’t have one, Grace Counselling Centre will provide the client in counselling with a medical face mask.
    • It is also recommended to everyone leaving home to have their temperatures checked before travelling.  Anyone with a measured temperature higher than 37.4 degrees Celsius or with other symptoms are advised to stay at home.
  • Grace Counselling Centre will limit client sessions to a maximum of once per week during this time of crisis.

Thank you very much for all your understanding and support!

GOD bless you all.