The Past has Passed Away

Praise-God-through-hard-timesTherefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. -2 Corinthians 5:17

When you have accepted Jesus Christ in your life as Lord, God, and Saviour, it makes absolutely no point to look into one’s past and count our mistakes.  We are now new creatures – new creations in Christ.  The Old us has passed away, crucified with Christ on the cross.

We were once alone with the world, wretches and scum without The Light in us.  Of course, we were destined to sin and to fail!  We came directly from the human stock of Adam.  Treacherous, sin tainted blood of the flesh, we lied, we stole, we hurt, and we blasphemed and rejected The Holy One.  Well, none of those matter now because 2000 years ago, the sinless blood of Jesus Christ washed us clean and made us new creations in Him!

Even as before we were connected in flesh to the human line of Adam; today, we are made branches of The Great Vine, Jesus Christ, in Spirit.  Sin, curses, punishments, loneliness, condemnation, sickness, poverty and judgment are things of the past.  All of these have passed away.


As The Father transformed Abram to Abraham, The Lord Jesus Christ, through the cross, transformed us from wretched sinners that we were to righteous vessels worthy to be dwelled on by The Holy Ghost.  Like Abraham, how can we fail?  With Jesus Christ’s perfect work on the cross, how can we not look at the present and into the future with a constant expectation of His goodness?


* Image taken from Google Images