Internet Freedom or Internet Filtering?

Nothing comes for free. With the fast pace of information exchanged and delivered from the internet; communication, entertainment, education, and business rose to unimaginable levels. After all the improvements the internet has done for society, there is one other thing that we cannot deny: that the internet also provided a lot of horrors for mankind.

Ask yourself: would you allow your 7-year-old child to surf around the internet alone?

When the internet was able to contribute wonders to the advancement of society, the internet is also responsible for the rise of suicide and for breeding new forms of suicide. “Monkey see, monkey do”; teenagers for example won’t even entertain thoughts about suicide until they enter a chat room or read a blog and discover that hurting oneself is not that abnormal after all. There are even websites that teaches and encourages suicide; some even teach you how to become a demon after death!

The internet and the blogging world are responsible for the rise of teenage promiscuity. It also gave rise to prostitution and underage-prostitution. It gave means for pornography to proliferate, and not to mention, that it created opportunities for child pornographers to earn big money.

Besides proliferating self-harm, suicide, pornography, voyeurism, exhibitionism, crime and violence, gambling, scamming, occult practices, and all the horrors you can think of, the internet is also used to recruit and radicalize people for terrorism. Websites are freely giving out information on how to make bombs, poisons, and how to feel about other people by spreading lies and proliferating hate.

Given all these about the internet, my answer to the question above is an absolute ‘NO!’ I will never let any child in my power to surf the internet unsupervised by a caring adult; not for 5 minutes!

Internet Filtering may step on some of our rights, but total internet freedom is not so cool either.

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