When to quit your job

When you are no longer giving your best, you are short changing yourself.

Coming fresh from the new year, I’ve been facing more and more of such questions in Christian Counselling as:

Should I change jobs?
Should I stay longer?
When do I leave a job?

I believe it is truly connected to the new year.  It’s probably a symbolic point in the calendar for change (hence, all these resolutions) or that people have always been wanting to leave their jobs and were just waiting for their end of the year bonuses.  Either way, there has been a surge on these questions so I’m putting this article out to save everyone some time and energy.

Before everything else, I want to clarify what a job or an occupation is for in the first place.  Yes, it is a source of livelihood; the financial rewards are necessary BUT it is not the only factor.  Let us not ignore the most important component of being human: the spirit.  Your job your occupation was handed to you by God (Jeremiah 1:5) – yes, the verse said even before birth, The Lord declared this.

For this reason, all our tasks, all our responsibilities have a divine purpose.  This is why we were instructed to: “Work as unto The Lord” (Colossians 3:23).  People miss out this important truth that we see work merely as a result of the curse and so they do their best to get by it as fast and as painless as possible.  This is not the attitude of serving The King.  Your work was assigned to you by God: whether you work as a cleaner, a driver, a pastor, a CEO, a clown, a shepherd, or a fisherman, etc. Never forget that it was The Lord who placed you there and that it is for a reason. A reason and purpose much higher than what we can understand. (I am speaking to Christians who approach me with such questions.  I am not addressing this article to people who deliberately choose a sinful lifestyle/profession)

Now you know where I’m coming from, I can safely say that It is not just the money.  Your calling in Christ (your work) will train you and propel you to the higher stages in your life.  As such, your job should be bringing out the best in you, not the worst.  If you feel devalued, pressed down, or even abused, then it is a clear sign to move on.  Do you hear me?  If you are no longer motivated to giving your best in your current job, then you are doing a great disservice to yourself.  You have outgrown the place.  Stop waiting for the downward spiral to end.  It is time for you to move on. 

We focus on what a job is supposed to offer us which is GROWTH: to improve you financially and improve your character and discipline. It brings you to a forward motion and propel you to the next level (ie: from a manager to a small business owner).  Your job should be stretching your limits into greater heights, breaking away the fears set by your comfort zones.  This way you are developing spiritually as David did when he was a mere shepherd or Peter as a fisherman.  

There is no point staying in a job where you can operate automatically. That is called stagnation. This way you are no longer challenged and you are no longer growing. Being an automaton simply means that you will be replaced by them someday.

If you are fatigued, empty, or angry, then the grace is no longer flowing where you are.  The signs couldn’t be much clearer.  The Lord is calling you to your next chapter in life. It is up to you to respond in faith or in fear.

There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

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