God is Good?

The LORD is good to all
Psalms 145:9

The Problem of Pain:
If God is all loving and all powerful, then why is there suffering?


This is in response to arguments and people who use the problem of pain to say that God is cruel (not good) and therefore The God of The Bible is false.  Which such questions, we cannot avoid delving into deeper philosophical underpinnings. For how can we judge someone as good or bad if we have no notion of what “good” or “bad” is?  Who gets to say what’s good and what’s bad? Santa Claus? I’m actually curious how that phony will determine which children are “bad or good”.
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The Great Deception

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I’m helping out a friend to read through and comment on his upcoming book about the world’s deception against Christianity.

I am sharing the PDF of the preface and first chapter here.  If anyone wants to send some feedback: questions, suggestions, objections, please send them to my email kirby@gracecounsellors.com.  All of these feedback will be treated with privacy and respect.

It is my pleasure to share the work of a friend on some controversial subjects.
And due to the controversial nature of the subjects, we have withheld his identity for the moment.

He started off researching and studying deep into the the Word of God on topics taught by mainstream channels which he finds are unbiblical.

He intends to publish his work soon in a book.

Here is the preface of the book which gives a good summary of what the book is about and the first chapter.




Christian Assertion

Do you find yourself talked down to by people as if being scolded like a child?  Not just at work but even by your own family? Do you feel that you have no choice but to just accept their observations and accusations about you that you just nod your head and take in blame and fault whilst knowing that you didn’t do anything wrong?

A lot of people have been raised this way. They’ve always been made to believe that they are wrong, so this becomes their default position when dealing with people. 

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The Book of Remembrance: The Lord Remembers

God remembers.

I wish to empower people towards love and good works; or doing things ‘for God’ by reminding everyone that God sees and treasures our works.  The good works that came out of you through grace didn’t just go unnoticed by Him. It didn’t just fly away into oblivion as what some voices would say.
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The Aliens Narrative

The bombardment of Alien News: click on the image for a sample of news from BBC.

You can call me crazy for even addressing this in the Christian Counselling context, but no one can deny that alien news and propaganda have been flooding us lately. More declassified documents, more leaks, and more whistleblowing are thrown for public consumption. Why would the world be doing this?
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Singapore Rise in Suicide Rates: A Reflection

Yearly rates rose from the 300’s to 476 in a year’s time. We now have more than 1.5 suicides in a day.

I’m referring to the yearly statistical report provided by The Samaritans of Singapore (God bless these guys!) as shown in the CNA article.
Simply put: We are experiencing an increase in suicidality.
As a Christian Counsellor and Psychologist, this is how I make sense of it.
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The Imposter Syndrome in Christian Ministry

The Imposter Syndrome is a condition where a person feels like a fraud or an imposter amidst their success. The feelings of a lack of ownership over their lives brings ideas that some day the truth of their fakeness will come out and they will lose everything.

Jacob forgetting that he is “Israel”

“Everything is against me!” Genesis 42:36

The predominant emotion is that of anxiety (fear) and the recurring idea is that of doubt; in particular, the Christian believer begins pondering on the thought: “what if The Lord has withdrawn His promises?”
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Work as Unto The Lord

Colossians 3
[23] And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
[24] Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.
[25] But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

Work and do your best in it, for it is not done just for your earthly boss but for God in Heaven.

For you serve the Lord Christ (v24).

You are placed where you currently are for a reason. It doesn’t matter whether you are a shepherd or a king like David; or a slave or a prime minister like Joseph. All of them served The Lord to the best of their abilities regardless of their position in society.
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You Can’t Go Wrong with Prayer

People get annoyed when they share their problems to friends and these friends respond by saying: “I’ll pray for you”. On the surface, it may seem that these friends cannot offer a better solution to what is bothering them. On top of that, it seems that they cannot even offer the listening ear or any other words of comfort.
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